"You are my future boss!
Not the political party bosses"

Kevin Stocker An independent Democrat for NYS Assembly 2020


  • I will never be a “rubber stamp” for the political party bosses. My only concern is representing the voters
  • Fight for the rights of women
  • Fight to protect children and keep them safe from harm
  • Fight to protect the rights of seniors and improve their quality of life
  • Fight climate change & to make our community’s environment healthier
  • Fight to keep our state’s public education system the best in the country
  • Fight to offer services that retrain, develop and promote trade skills so individuals can support their families with higher wages
  • Fight to make healthcare and prescription medicine more affordable and cover preexisting conditions
  • Fight to bring our diverse individuals within our community together rather than spread derisive hatred
  • Fight to help lessen the burdens placed upon single parents
  • Fight to protect tenants from landlords who ignore their needs
  • Fight to improve our community for future revitalization and prosperity