10 Reasons Why

"You are my future boss!
Not the political party bosses"

Kevin Stocker An independent Democrat for NYS Assembly 2020



Four years ago, In 2016 I left the republican party to fight “Trumpism” here in WNY. I have been a life long registered Republican, an elected Republican Committeeman, a former Prosecutor, and a private practicing attorney for greater than 27 years. Previously, I ran for NYS Senate as an independent-Republican activist who chose to take on the corrupt Albany Republican Party Bosses and fight on behalf of the hard-working families of WNY. I have decided to leave the Republican Party because their leaders no longer stand for the values I believe in, and their actions are hurting our communities and country. I have chosen the following 10 reasons why I can no longer be part of a Republican Party, lead by Donald Trump, and the other elected officials who support him. 

1. Rather than being a leader who brings our diverse country together as “one,” President Trump chooses to support and condone white-supremacists, neo-Nazis, and confederate flag waiving racists that divide our country based upon race and religion. Recently he objected to people of color seeking to emigrate from African countries to the United States, referring to them as “shitholes,” and hypothesizing why we cannot have more people emigrate from a country like Norway, a predominately caucasian country.

 2. Rather than fight to further women’s rights based upon equality and respect, President Trump demonstrates a long history of inappropriate degrading sexual harassment and assault towards women, and treats women as inferior to men. President Trump supports other men, like US Senate candidate Roy Moore, who sexually grope, harass and assault women. 

3. Rather than fight to help the poor, economically disadvantaged and hard-working middle class struggling to get ahead, President Trump chooses to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires on the “financial backs” of those less fortunate. These tax breaks will weaken our public-school systems that are the vital backbone within our communities that make them special places to live. 

4. Rather than investing into our country’s healthcare system so all citizens can enjoy good affordable healthcare, President Trump destroys our country’s healthcare system. In addition, thereto, President Trump refuses to protect women’s healthcare rights the same as men’s healthcare rights. Rather than spending trillions of dollars invading foreign countries, we should be investing in our country’s healthcare system for all our citizens. 

5. Rather than fight government corruption so citizens enjoy good honest government services, President Trump chooses to conspire with the Russian and Saudi governments to further his own family’s wealth at the expense of our country’s safety and national security. 

6. Rather than being a leader of our country whose citizens are proud in how he represents us, President Trump engages in embarrassing behavior on the world stage jeopardizing world stability and the safety of the sons and daughters that serve in our military. At this moment in time, foreign countries no longer consider the United States a world leader as President Trump childishly antagonizes the leader of North Korea thereby escalating the possibility of a nuclear war. 

7. Rather than working towards protecting our world’s environment for future generations, President Trump chooses to allow bad corporations pollute our air, land and water, thereby jeopardizing our families’ health, so corporations can make more money. 

8. Rather than promoting and embracing the religious values of all people, President Trump chooses religious intolerance, division and persecution of various religions and races. 

9. Rather than Republican elected officials standing and loudly rejecting President Trump’s leadership, values and offensive behavior, they silently support him. As Martin Luther King once said, “to ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” 

10. Republican Party leaders and elected officials lie to the voters about fighting government corruption, giving tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the less fortunate, and about protecting social security for our senior citizens. The Republican leadership only works toward increasing their own family’s wealth, and increasing the wealth of millionaires and billionaires at the expense of those less fortunate. Republican leadership has stated that government programs for the most vulnerable in our country, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, are targeted to be cut. 

I have chosen to leave the Republican Party, lead by Donald Trump, that is taking our country in the wrong direction. I have chosen to become a registered Democrat in order to proudly stand and fight for the values with which I was raised. The values of loving and respecting all people regardless of one’s race, religion, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation. Fighting and condemning the inappropriate sexually degrading and assaultive behavior of men towards woman, while promoting fundamental principles of equality and respect towards all women. I choose to have compassion and help those less fortunate, to provide good affordable healthcare for all citizens, to protect government programs for our elderly, poor and disabled. I choose to promote good honest government services that affordably serve our communities, and to reject the behavior of racism, sexism and religious intolerance. 

I have shown a long history of supporting strong public-school systems that benefit all children and their future, supporting other government services that serve and protect our communities, and supporting unions that fight to give the middle-class the ability to financially support their families. I choose to stand and loudly reject what President Trump stands for and those elected officials who silently support him. America is better today than what we stood for 60 years ago, and together we will make America better tomorrow so that our children and grandchildren are proud of our collective actions of change. We must change in order to provide better future opportunities for all regardless of one’s race, sex, religion, wealth, sexual orientation or national origin.