"You are my future boss!
Not the political party bosses"

Kevin Stocker An independent Democrat for NYS Assembly 2020

Democratic Primary for NYS Assembly - June 2020​

Dear friend,

I enjoy visiting the homes of the voters in order to show my
respect they so truly deserve, to listen to their family’s concerns, and
to hear what is important in their community. You will always be my
boss, and I will continue to fight for you and your family. Should you
ever have a concern, or need to discuss something important, please
feel free to contact me at home. Please feel free to explore my website to find out more about my campaign for NYS Assembly. 

Please also consider making a $10.00 donation to help me fight back against government corruption. Also, show your support by giving me permission to place a yard sign on your property.

Thank You!


  • 29 years as an attorney successfully fighting for the rights of individuals and their families
  • 15 years proudly serving as your local Prosecutor
  • Took on Albany’s corrupt political party bosses in order to take away their power and return it back to the voters where it belongs!
  • Took on Tonawanda Coke to protect our families’ health from harmful toxins when elected officials were taking money from it and turning their back on our community’s health
  • Took on Amigone’s crematory that was emitting toxins and human-remains soot into our community when elected officials took their money and refused to fight for our community’s quality of life
  • Continue to fight to protect children from sexual abuse when elected officials sought to protect their financial assets and keep pedophile behavior a secret
  • Took on local political party bosses who secretly and deceivingly hold village caucuses in a manner to deny the voter’s having the power to endorse their own village candidates