"You are my future boss!
Not the political party bosses"

Kevin Stocker An independent Democrat for NYS Assembly 2020

Fighting to help WNY families stay safe from the coronavirus
and help those who have been financially impacted as a result of the shutdown.

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Democratic Primary for NYS Assembly - June 2020​

I denounce “Trumpism” and will fight it here in WNY. I will remain an Independent Democrat fighting government corruption and will refuse to be a “rubber stamp” for the Albany political party bosses who betray our WNY families. You will be my boss, not the party bosses. I will not ask for, nor will I accept it if offered, the Democratic Party Bosses’ endorsement for NYS Assembly. The only endorsement I will ask for is from the Democrat voters in a June of 2020 Primary for NYS Assembly. In 2020, rather than the party bosses, you will have the “power” to decide who should fight for your family and advocate for your interests here in WNY.

– Kevin Stocker